Education payroll services London

Whether School, College, University or Academy, your payroll services need to be scaled from year to year. It is essential to be compliant in an ever-changing world of employment requirements so at Wagemate we are proud to say we offer the best education payroll services London has to offer. Backed by skills and experience, we give you the peace of mind that your payroll is being taken care of.

Education Payroll is not simple

Your staff like cover a broad range of ages, experience, and specialisms. This in turn will mean that whether you manage a School or a University, you will face a vast range of salaries impacted by pay grades and scales. You will also face differing pension, holiday, and sickness requirements.

Along with these day to day requirements, you are also required to provide reporting whether regular or on demand.

Understanding how payroll works will likely not be a background you have come from, and so will require large amounts of time to learn. It will also require regular monthly time set aside to ensure you are up to date with how it works.

Those regular updates will be essential, as each year:

  • Pay scales will change, whether due to government legislation or to remain competitive.
  • Pension requirements can change as the world adapts to a population living longer
  • New reporting regulations can be introduced at any time to account for either more efficient spending, or initiatives such as inclusive measures like gender pay gap reporting.

What can prey on your mind is that missing these changes leaves you exposed to being non-compliant which leads to sanctions.

As a dedicated managed payroll service we remove these concerns. Bringing in our experience of payroll means you no longer need worry about new legislations or regulatory requirements. You know that as the experts its now our job to keep up to date on these topics and ensure you are compliant.

What does Wagemate provide?

Wagemate provides as much or as little as you need for your business. We will tailor our services to your business, by providing:

  • Processing of payslips
  • BACs payments
  • Custom reports
  • Process to deal with employee queries
  • Auto-enrolment Pensions
  • Real Time Information (RTI) filing to HMRC including end of year
  • Dealing with HMRC and Pension Regulator queries
  • P45s, P60s, P11Ds or any other documents required by HMRC


We do not expect you to know which of our services you need. So, when you contact us for more information, we will take the time to understand your business, assess your needs and make recommendations from our full suite of services.