In a disaster, people still need to be paid!

In every dental practice, payroll is one of those things that when it goes smoothly, no one gives it a second thought, but when things go wrong… well, that’s a different story altogether.

Did your payroll disaster recovery plan stand up to the test last year – and is it in good shape for the future?

Being paid incorrectly can be a distressing experience and should this ever have happened at your workplace, you might wince at the memory of when a payroll error meant a colleague was upset, angry or both. Or it might have happened to you.

During the pandemic, as well as the furlough scheme, remote working was another challenge for payroll. Ideally, there would have been a recovery plan for payroll already in place that covered things like data backup. But now we know what a real disaster looks like, you must audit this plan, to ensure that you are well prepared for any kind of emergency. Ultimately, you want to have checks and processes in place to guarantee that, whatever the world sends your way, everyone will still get paid.

What should be on your checklist?

Data is at the heart of every efficient payroll, so there needs to be a bullet-proof system to back it up. Consider online payroll systems and software that back up to the Cloud. Your key data will be stored safely and be accessible from multiple devices. A transition to more paperless working has been one positive to come out of the last year – paperless working in dental practices can save space, aid efficiency and be good for your green credentials.

Your payroll software should also be adaptable as your practice navigates its way through 2021 and beyond, and think about who else might need payroll training. Also, have an alternative method of paying employees in the worse-case scenario that BACS payments cannot happen and let people know that you have this contingency in place.

Or why not outsource your payroll to a dedicated specialist who will manage everything? Using a payroll provider can save time and stress. Wagemate is a quality provider that also has an excellent reputation for a disaster recovery, as well as customer service and long-term client relationships.

Every dental practice owner knows that there are many things that can and do go wrong. But people must be paid, whatever happens. A smooth payroll, backed up by a robust recovery plan, is an essential part of an efficient and happy practice. Whether your practice is big or small, consider outsourcing your payroll for peace of mind in the face of life’s unexpected surprises.

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