WAGEMATE is set up to make an ACCOUNTANT’S life easier

Payroll is an obvious service for accountants to provide, but the complex needs of reporting, real time information, auto enrolment and evolving legislation make it difficult to stay ahead of the game while remaining profitable.

As the demands on payroll services become ever more complex and technologically sophisticated it can become an expensive and time-consuming service for accountants to offer.

It therefore makes sense to collaborate with Wagemate, a leading edge, outsourced payroll provider.

Wagemate works alongside accountants to ensure their clients receive the highest quality service and client satisfaction whilst also enabling firms to avoid investing all the time, training, research, and money required to run a successful payroll service.

Wagemate’s commitment to customer service and innovative solutions allow accountants to offer sophisticated payroll services while concentrating on the profitable parts of their business.


Wagemate is a payroll specialist, offering a dedicated service that eliminates the time and effort accountancy practices need to spend on the increasingly complex demands of payroll.

Our technologically advanced service allows accountants to provide a dedicated, cost effective payroll solution that can either be completely outsourced or can work seamlessly with them.


  • A fully managed payroll service
  • Timely and well resourced service, providing reassurance that staff will be paid the right amount, at the right time, every time
  • A fully trained, UK based, dedicated account manager for each client, to ensure delivery of safe, accurate, secure and stress-free payroll
  • Secure GDPR compliant risk-free Data Protection, with data stored securely in the cloud
  • A free secure online portal for payslips (for staff) and payroll reports (for employers and accountants), giving efficient IT work-flow
  • Full HMRC compliance
  • Innovative auto enrollment functionality, enabling full work place pension compliance and seamless integration of new pension regulations

Accountants throughout the UK already benefit by using Wagemate to provide seamless payroll to their clients – is it time to join them?

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    Innovative Payroll SOLUTIONS for Accountants…

    Wagemate offers four options depending on the needs of individual practices and their clients. Solutions can be mixed and matched:


    SOLUTION 1 - We can do your “director-only” client payrolls, annual or monthly, including family members.

    We have a payroll relationship with your client, we invoice your client and your client pays us for our services.

    • We pay you 20% of our revenue from your clients in perpetuity


    SOLUTION 2 - Wagemate can manage all aspects of some or all of your client payrolls

    We have a payroll relationship with your client, we invoice you and you pay us for our services.

    • We give you a 20% discount on our usual fees to your clients in perpetuity


    Our service is “white labelled”, your client doesn’t know we exist, our relationship is with you, we invoice you and you pay us for our services.

    • We agree a fixed price per payslip for your clients, with no per-client minimum charges


    Accountants payroll service solution 4

    You can sell Wagemate the payroll part of your business, for which we’ll pay handsomely.

    • Allowing you to concentrate on the profitable parts of your business while receiving a generous payment

    COLLABORATE with Wagemate, offer more with your payroll service

    With innovative options and a service led focus Wagemate payroll solutions eliminate time consuming and costly processes whilst liberating you to concentrate on the numbers and provide meaningful insights and advice for your clients.

    To learn more about the Wagemate offer for accountants and to start offering payroll services book a fact finding consultation:

    w: www.wagemate.com
    t: 03330 102102
    e: info@wagemate.com

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