Adding Value For Clients With Eagle HR

For a wide range of service providers in various industry sectors, Wagemate offers an ideal opportunity to offer more to clients. Our automated payroll service makes payroll quicker, easier and more cost-effective for businesses of all sizes, with a dedicated account manager ensuring a convenient and stress-free experience for all.

We are thrilled to be working with Eagle HR, a leading HR consultancy firm that delivers solution-focussed and empowering HR support to businesses across the country. We will be offering their clients all the advantages of an automated payroll system, making their lives easier and enabling Eagle HR to provide the full package.

We are also excited to be able to offer Eagle HR’s services to any new or existing Wagemate clients that may benefit from world-class HR advice.


Claire Elston, HR Consultant at Eagle HR, commented:

“We were actually introduced to Wagemate by a client, who recommended them as a good company looking to develop new partnerships across the industry. We liked that the services are delivered with a personal touch – you are a name not a number, unlike with other companies. Wagemate is also keen to continue improving the services available. It is refreshing that they are open to tailoring and evolving their services. Plus, the forward thinking team are very proactive when it comes to new technology and this will appeal to our clients who are looking to automate processes and put all the payroll online.

“We are often asked by clients to recommend a payroll company and so it’s important to have connections so we know who to refer to without putting our own reputation at risk. With Wagemate, we can offer an end-to-end process to our clients, offering their services as an extension of our own. We are creating a very organic working relationship that benefits us both, as well as our clients.”


Mitchell Lea, Sales Manager at Wagemate, is also looking forward to developing the relationship between Wagemate and Eagle HR. He says: 

“We are always seeking to establish new connections with companies whose ethos aligns with our own and who are just as dedicated to providing an ever-better service to clients. In Eagle HR we have a trusted partner with the skills and experience needed to deliver exceptional HR support to all manner of businesses – something we will be keen to explore in order to offer our own clients additional opportunities. We are also delighted that Eagle HR recognises our commitment at Wagemate to design our services according to individual clients and we are excited to see how our partnership matures.”


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